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Vision is much more than just being able to have clear vision at a specific distanxce (20/20).  It also includes the following visual skills:

Fixation — The ability to focus in on and sustain attention on an object.

Visual Acuity — The ability to see sharply and clearly at all distances.

Pursuit Eye Movements — The ability to visually follow a moving object or move eyes over all configurations of a stationary object.

Saccadic Eye Movements — The ability to move eyes from one object to another without the loss of place.

Accommodation —The ability to sustain focus at near and to easily change focus from near to far and back again.

Binocularity — The ability to use both eyes together smoothly, equally, simultaneously and accurately as a team in order to keep what we are looking at single.

Depth Perception — The ability to use both eyes to determine a difference in the distance of two objects from the observer.

Visual Perceptual Skills — the ability to give meaning to the information we get from our eyes.

Identification/Discrimination —The ability to identify objects in the environment.  This includes form and shape discrimination, recognition of similarities and differences, and recognizing a form even though it may be turned, flipped, a different size, obstructed or only partially there.

Spatial Awareness—The ability to know where one is in their own environment, where objects are in relationship to each other, to judge size, distance, spatial relationships, position in space, directionality and sequencing.

Visualization—The ability to make a picture in the “mind’s eye”, to change that image at will, to project images and formulate ideas.  The beginning of creativity!

Visual Integration—The ability to relate vision with information gained through other senses.  The areas affected are balance, posture, coordination and eye hand coordination.